The Importance of Goals

In order to reach a direction in life, you need to decide your goals. They must be specific and written down. Why if you have a daily routine should you not have a routine to your life. As you depart and arrive to your destinations daily, the same should be done with your goals. If you have no final destination, then why in the world would you go there in the first place?

All successful people have goals. After all, how would they have become successful if they had nothing to strive for? Do they pray and hope for the best. If Bill Gates told you that he built a computer for the fun of it and whatever happened, happened,…would you honestly believe him? Does Donald Trump wake up and say, “maybe I’ll build a new casino today”, or would he ask ,” when will it be done?”

You see, this is why your goals need to be specific. Don’t lie to yourself by setting a goal of making one million dollars this year. This is a very difficult goal and chances are that you most likely will not reach that goal. This in turn can also cause discouragement in your way of thinking and in a short period of time you will most likely give up. Have them be within reason, but not so easy as to take them for granted and actually set yourself back by setting them to low. This defeats the entire goal theory and the premise of having them.

Another good technique is to write down your goals, short and long term. Write them down and display them in a spot where you can see and acknowledge them everyday. The more you remind yourself of your goals, the quicker you will achieve them. Take consistent action with them. Don’t plan on reaching a goal in 30 days and pull an all nighter on the 29th day. Not very smart and doesn’t give much incentive towards a productive future. Just as the turtle says “slow and steady wins the race.”

Set short term goals in a clear concise manner. If you plan on completing a task, be very specific as to say one month or one week. Make those goals barely reachable, but do give yourself a fighting chance. Nothing reduces morale like not being able to reach any of your goals.

Your long term goals should start from a year and go on from there. 5 year and 10 year goals are very popular. Setting a retirement goal is difficult and will most likely change a few times, but do use them as a guideline for your success in the future. Change in your goals is a good thing. Don’t think that you didn’t achieve them because you changes them.

So by creating, following and reaching your goals, you will allow the better person in you to find health, wealth and happiness through consistency, the real secret of all goals. Repeating successful habits will bring you prosperity. And with that comes a financially stable future with an improved outlook on life.

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