About Art Tupaczewski

 About Art Tupaczewski…


Ever since I was a kid, I loved everything and anything to do with cars, motorcycles, race cars……. basically anything that I could go fast and look good in. I worked lots of hours, burning lots of midnight oil for deadlines but most of all, personal satisfaction. Since owning my shop for the last 8 years now, I have come to find that there was more to life than fast cars. What i really wanted was more time to spend with my family (wife and three kids now). For some reason it seemed that I was still putting in long hours despite being the owner of the company. I was turned on to internet marketing a short while back by my friends Aaron and Sophia Rashkin. They had both been working long hours, and made little money since they didn’t own their own business. Now, many years into it, they make a solid 7 figure salary per year and work very few hours. They choose to travel and attend many seminars because they love others to achieve what they have. You see, this is what my goal in life was. To make a consistent income and spending quality time with my family is most important, but I have always helped friends and family with their car issues/problems. I believe my purpose in life is to help people reach their goals. First by conceiving their ideal situation. Second by believing in themselves and the tools and techniques the I can provide them. And lastly, celebrating their success with them and partnering with them and other successful entrepreneurs to create stable, consistent futures for all involved in our “team.” Thanks again for looking at my site and my purpose here. Don’t wait another moment. Success is upon you. Take it for a ride starting right now!

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